Grants & Scholarships

LONG BEACH LESBIAN & GAY PRIDE, INC. Scholarships & Grants

Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride, Inc. (LBLGP) supports a variety of organizations that work to promote charitable activities, educational programs, and cultural arts in Long Beach and the surrounding communities. Our mission is to engage in and support bridge-building activities that educate, encourage, and celebrate LGBTQ inclusion and pride.

2015 Recipients

Tafesilafa’i, Inc.
The AIDS Foodstore, Inc.
Atlantic Alano Club, Inc.
Urban Community Outreach
Queer alliance
Raise A Child, Inc.
American Veterans for Equal Rights
Minority AIDS Project
Project ALOFA
Then Life Group, Inc.
Alliance for Housing & Healing
Strength for the Journey
Safe Refuge
Community Outreach Alliance
The LBGTA Center of Long Beach
Profile Productions
Ling Beach Heritage Coalition
Spiritual Truths Fellowship Church
The L-Project

Chelcee Bunkley
Natalie Jolene Cokebega

2014 Recipients

AIDS Food Store
Minority AIDS Project
Long Beach Heritage
Community Outreach Alliance
Atlantic Alano Club
American Veterans for Equal Rights (A.V.E.R.)
Alliance for a Healthy California
The Center Long Beach
Alliance for Housing & Healing
Project A.L.O.F.A.
Urban Commuity Outreach
Love Is For Everyone (L.I.F.E.)