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  • The 34th Annual Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Parade Sunday May 21, 2017


    1. All units must check- in between 7:00 AM and 9:30 AM at the corner of Ocean and Redondo Blvd.'s, on Sunday May 21, 2017. All units must be in their assigned lineup position NLT 9:30 AM.
    2. THE PARADE STARTS PROMPTLY @ 10:30 AM. “Late arrivals may be re-positioned at the end of the Parade.” LBLGP, Inc. requests that ALL participating units reflect the theme of this year’s celebration, VIVA LA VIDA”. As a major parade with media coverage, ALL units are reminded of the responsibility that goes along with this presentation. All interpretations of this year's theme “MUST” be in a tasteful and acceptable manner.
    3. ALL Units are mandated to supply 2 monitors to assist LBLGP, Inc. Pride officials while the Parade is in progress.
    4. Parade height for floats shall be less than 25 feet according to City of Long Beach regulations. You must also have a fire retardant or non-combustible material for your entry. Please abide to all safety regulations. You must have a minimum of one 2A10BC Extinguisher on the float, which is required (CFC 1104.2) by the City of Long Beach Fire Department. Please note, the Fire Marshall will be inspecting all rigs and entries. They can prevent you from participating if the regulations are not followed. If your entry is pulled for Fire Department violation, Parade entry fees will not be refunded or returned
    5. All vehicular entries are required to complete a Hold Harmless/Indemnity form before entering the line up for the Parade. All requested information must be provided.
    6. All Equestrian entries must complete the Equine Insurance Agreement.
    7. Police and Fire Department traffic lanes must be kept open at all times. The law forbids parking vehicles, decorating units, practicing marching routines, and/or forming a waiting group in these lanes.
    8. Noise abatement laws forbid any unit to test equipment or play music until they have reached the Parade route.
      Please note that all sound checks CAN NOT BE DONE until after 8:30 am.
    9. ALL units must be ready to move on cue or the next unit will proceed. The delayed unit will proceed only at the next convenient time as determined by LBLGP, Inc. officials. Due to this year’s security plan, performances in the parade are only allowed at the Grandstand area (On Ocean Blvd., between Cherry and Junipero Avenues) with a limit of 2 minutes. If you perform in other areas of the parade, your entry will be removed and no refund will be given.
    10. ALL Parade participants are “forbidden” to “throw ANYTHING” from their unit. City regulations strictly prohibit handing out leaflets, pamphlets or flyers from the Parade while in route. If you caught doing so you will be escorted off the parade route and possibly given a citation by Long Beach Police Department. If your entry is pulled from the Parade; entry fees will not be refunded or returned.
    11. Separate units that wish to be grouped together in the Parade to honor your request, they “MUST” submit their own application and indicate their desire to Parade as a group. All attempts will be made, but no guarantees will be given. Once approved “No” unit is allowed to participate alone or with any other unit without Pre-Parade registration with LBLGP, Inc. Any unit entering the Parade without paying the entry fee will be removed immediately.
    12. LBLGP, Inc. reserves the right to remove any/or persons from any float or vehicular unit which it determines to be overcrowded to such an extent that the unit may break down or cause injury to participants.
    13. Any motorized unit which becomes disabled and delays the Parade will be removed from the Parade route by LBLGP, Inc. Towing expenses for any unit that breaks down will be at the applicant’s expense.
    14. All applicants are responsible for any and all acts and/or omissions on their part, or on the part of their agents and/or employees, which may result in injury or damage to themselves or third parties. Applicant specifically agrees to hold LBLGP, Inc. free and harmless from any and all claims arising out of any such act or omission.
    15. LBLGP, Inc. reserves the right to remove any person or unit from the Pre-Parade assembly area or the Parade deemed to be offensive and/or a hindrance to the progress of the Parade, or places other participants and/or 3 spectators in physical danger, or violates any of the regulations set forth in this application. (Including any Nudity and Intoxication)
    16. ALL entries are required to abide by the rules and regulations as established by Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride, Inc.,(LBLGP, Inc.) and by the laws of the City of Long Beach and of the State of California. Violators are subject to citation and/or possible removal from the parade route.
    17. LBLGP, Inc. presents the annual Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Celebration for the public as an educational and entertainment event and reserves all rights as producers. Any reproduction, broadcast, or commercial use of any portion of the event, in whole or in part, in any form without explicit prior written consent from Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride, Inc. is strictly prohibited. LBLGP, Inc., may, at its discretion, film, photocopy or tape any and all portions of the Parade for commercial use.
    18. ATV type vehicle must fill out a motorcycle application and submit it with the Parade Application paperwork. There is a $10 fee added for each ATV type vehicle.
    19. No Third Party Participation or Advertisement: Signature of this application affirms that the Parade Entry is not sponsored by and will not display or distribute logos, trademarks, identifiable slogans, products, advertising, or promotional materials from any third party organizations or business and does not represent or is not itself a franchise holder of a retail or wholesale chain corporation. Third parties, i.e. someone other than the named person, business or organization listed on the Parade Application may sponsor or participate with you only with the express written consent from Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride and such consent is in the sole and absolute discretion of Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride. Failure to comply will be cause for removal of Parade Entry from lineup and no refund of parade fees.
      • Neither LBLGP, Inc. nor any of its officers, agents, volunteers, employees, independent contractors or other representatives shall be held liable for, and they are expressly released from, liability for any damage, loss, harm or injury to the person or property of exhibitor or any of its officers, agents, volunteers, employees, independent contractors or other representatives, resulting from theft, fire, water, accident or any other cause.
      • Parade entries shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless LBLGP, Inc. and any of its officers, agents, volunteers, employees, independent contractors or other representatives (i) from and against any and all claims arising from any acts, failures to act, or negligence of parade applicant or any of its officers, agents, volunteers, employees, independent contractors or other representatives, (ii) from and against any and all claims arising from the breach of, or default in the performance of any obligation on exhibitor’s part to be performed under, these terms and conditions, and (iii) from and against all costs, attorney’s fees, expenses, and liabilities incurred in the defense of any such claim or any action.
      • All entries/participant displays, products, equipment, furniture and furnishings that are placed on the parade route are at the sole risk of the participant, and LBLGP, Inc. will not assume any responsibility for the loss or damage to the participant’s property.
      • Under no circumstances shall LBLGP, Inc. be liable for consequential, indirect, special or punitive damages of any kind, whether foreseeable or unforeseeable, whether based upon lost goodwill, lost profits, loss of entrance in parade, or otherwise, and whether arising out of breach of any express or implied warranty, breach of contract, negligence, misrepresentation, strict liability, or otherwise.
      • Parade entries hereby agrees that LBLGP, Inc. shall not be liable for any injury to participants, and any of its officers, agents, volunteers, employees, independent contractors or other representatives (collectively, “Releaser”), or any loss of income there from. Releaser hereby waives its rights under California Civil Code §1542, which provides as follows: A general release does not extend to claims which the creditor does not know or suspect to exist in his or her favor at the time of executing the release, which if known by him or her must have materially affected his or her settlement with the debtor.