Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application

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  • Dear Pride Scholarship Applicant:

    The members of Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride, Inc. congratulate you on your initiative to apply for a 2017 Pride Scholarship. Enclosed you will find four pages that make up the application. Please read through them carefully and visit our website should you wish to have further information about LBLGP, Inc., its history, programs, and mission statement.

    Upon receipt of all completed applications received by the deadline of Friday September 22nd, 2017, the Grants & Scholarship Committee will review and make its recommendation to the LBLGP, Inc. Board of Directors. Please note that incomplete applications will not be processed or notice given to the applicant. The Board of Directors is expected to vote on the recommendations of the Grants & Scholarship committee. Recipients will be notified via U.S. mail of their awards shortly thereafter, but such a timeline is not guaranteed. Should your mailing address or contact information change during this period; it is your responsibility to notify L.B.L.G.P., Inc.

    We look forward to receiving your application by the Sept. 22nd. 2017 deadline.

    In Pride,

    Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride, Inc.




    Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride, Inc. supports a variety of organizations that work to promote charitable activities, educational programs, and cultural arts in Long Beach and the surrounding communities. Our mission is to engage in and support bridge building activities that educate, encourage, and celebrate LGBTQ inclusion and pride.

    Scholarship Funding Range: $500-$3,000

    All questions with regard to eligibility should be made in writing to the L.B.L.G.P., Inc. scholarship committee prior to the deadline. Inc. reserves full discretionary rights as to the interpretation of eligibility and completeness of all applications. L.B.L.G.P. ,Those with ineligible or incomplete applications will be notified and a correct application must be submitted within five (5) business days of notification.

    You must qualify under one of the following items; you must check one:
    Student attending California State University, Long Beach (Graduate & Undergraduate)
    Student attending Long Beach City College
    Resident of Long Beach attending a two (2) or four (4) year accredited college, outside of the City of Long Beach.

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