LONG BEACH, CA, November 1, 2023 – Long Beach Pride, in a groundbreaking collaboration with iZone Marketing, is thrilled to unveil PrideBot, an innovative virtual companion designed to support and guide the LGBTQ+ community. PrideBot is not just a chatbot; it’s a compassionate friend ready to listen, offer advice, and provide a supportive and understanding ear.

“Long Beach Pride is committed to embracing and supporting our diverse community. PrideBot is a leap forward, using technology to extend our reach, ensuring everyone feels heard, understood, and celebrated,” said Tonya Martin, President, of Long Beach Pride.

Try it out during the Beta Program!

We warmly invite the community to participate in PrideBot’s 3-month beta program. Your feedback and experiences will be invaluable in refining PrideBot’s capabilities to better serve the community. We are also excited about potential future collaborations, aiming to enrich PrideBot with a wealth of resources and local insights to be a continuous source of support.

Developed for Long Beach Pride and powered by iZone Marketing, PrideBot embodies the transformative power of technology in fostering a community where everyone feels valued and proud.

Join us in welcoming PrideBot, and let’s make every conversation a celebration of love, support, and understanding! For more information and to experience PrideBot, please visit Long Beach Pride.