Congratulations Carlos Sosa on winning the Long Beach Pride™ Art Contest for the 2019 Logo!

Carlos Sosa is the winner of 2019 Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride’s Art Contest. Several local Graphic Designers & Artists entered the contest, which was held late last year. The Long Beach Pride™ membership then made its decision and selected Sosa’s design as the winning entry. His design will receive the public exposure of a lifetime, as it will be utilized in both advertising and merchandising of Pride events and products.

This year’s chosen theme is, “Millions of Moments of Pride”, to which Sosa used a triangular design to depict the annual message. The layout also commemorates the 50th anniversary of Stonewall and is surrounded by several smaller, triangles that represent the millions of memories, struggles, and warriors that have participated in the LGBTQ+ Community’s on-going fight for equality. The entire design is draped in Gilbert Baker’s iconic Rainbow Flag color-scheme to bring unity and further meaning to the Artwork. Sosa is a graduate of California State University, Northridge and owns, an online Graphic Design business. He has created designs for the City of West Hollywood, UCLA, the County of Los Angeles, as well as several local businesses. He is also known for being an advocate for at-risk & homeless LGBTQ+ Youth, as he currently serves as the Executive Director of The C.I.T.Y. x1 Youth Group and was an honored by the City of Los Angeles in 2014’s “LGBTQ+ Heritage Month” Celebration. Check him out on his Facebook and Instagram: @GenesisFXE