Long Beach Lesbian and Gay Pride Partners with Senator Ricardo Lara to Create Sister-Pride with Sydney, Australia

LONG BEACH, FEBRUARY 27 – Long Beach Lesbian and Gay Pride, Inc. are proud to announce that they are partnering with California State Senator Ricardo Lara, SD 33, to move their Sister-Pride Program forward with Sydney, Australia.
This year Long Beach Lesbian and Gay Pride board voted unanimously to create a Sister-Pride Program with Sydney, Australia. The adoption comes at a crucial time for Australia, as they prepare to bring Gay Marriage Equality to a vote for their residents this year. Senator Ricardo Lara, who represents the 33rd District in California where Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride is located, met with the organization to help initiate the program. “I am so proud to have one of the nation’s largest LGBTQ+QI Pride events in my district and to partner with them as they move forward in making their mark in supporting Marriage Equality internationally”, said Senator Ricardo Lara.

“We are honored to have the incredible support of our State Senator,” said Denise Newman, President of Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride. “The Sister-Pride Program will be beneficial to both Sydney, Australia and Long Beach, as we work toward our common goal to support all LGBTQ+QI community members in their plight toward equality”, continued Ms. Newman. The Sister-Pride Program is the adoption of two LGBTQ+ organizations to establish ties of friendship, understanding and goodwill to support the LGBTQ+ community.


Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride is a year-round operation that maintains permanent office space, employs 1 full-time staff and continues the tradition of giving back to the community each year. Over the past 33 years, Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride, Inc. has grown to become a large philanthropic organization. They have gifted more than one million dollars back into the community with grants and scholarships, participation and contributions to several events, as well as, organizations in the region. Long Beach Pride™ Festival and Parade has become the 2nd largest revenue generating event for the City of Long Beach. The Long Beach Pride™ Festival and Parade now attracts over 80,000 participants over the two-day event. The Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride is inclusive and strives to promote an environment that is free from prejudice and bias. The 34th Annual Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride event held on May 20th and 21st at Marina Green Park. For more information log onto www.longbeachpride.com or call us at (562) 987-9191.